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If you work with guidance, you know how it is to be stuck…

You try everything you know, all the processes you’ve learned, to solve the problem, and nothing works. There are choices you have to make, and yet no resources to help you make them – you feel completely alone.

That’s the nub of it, I think: feeling alone. Disconnected.

It’s not always like that, of course. We’ve had the experience of opening to guidance – attending to synchronicities or dreams or getting deep into conversation with an oracle – and knowing. Isn’t that our true nature? Exploring, sensing meaning, going deeper…?

Everything living moves. It’s the nature of reality; it’s our own nature, to be a part of that flow – and yet we get stuck.

There’s emotional overwhelm – stranded, out of touch with that deeper level where problems can be solved. There’s plain exhaustion, without structures to sustain you, knowing that if any more were asked, you could not do it. There’s getting lost – even forgetting your own journey altogether.

And especially, there’s the knowledge that tomorrow will be much the same. (It doesn’t help, of course, that our culture tells us all this is normal: put up with it, buy more stuff and you’ll feel good about yourself…)

How to get back into flow?

It’s simple: reality is flow; ‘stuckness’ is disconnection. To get unstuck, open to guidance and return to the whole reality.

Heh. Simple – only not easy, of course. Even with attention to signs, stars and dreams, and dedication to studying the traditions and languages of oracles – I Ching, runes, tarot, Ifá… – even then, the connected, whole state can be elusive.

So here are three helpers for the return to connectedness:

  1. knowing the pattern and structure of all our ways of returning to flow, so we can see exactly where we’re stuck.
  2. a storehouse of resources for insight into each part of the pattern, and practices to clear, heal and reinvigorate each phase.
  3. trust.

1. Knowing the pattern

All our ways of relating to guidance and returning to flow share this basic pattern of three phases –

  • Opening
  • Connecting
  • Integrating

From the introduction to Into the Flow of Change’s Serendipity Book:

Opening is everything you do to invite guidance to come to you: it’s opening a channel, or just opening the conversation.
Connecting is recognising and receiving that guidance.
Integrating is how it becomes part of your life – how you translate understanding into lasting change.

These stages all merge into one another seamlessly, and they all depend on one another. When you’re open, you can connect with the flow of reality; when you’re connected, you can integrate with its changes; more deeply integrated into the cosmos, you can open up and listen more completely. Life becomes less of a battle, more of a conversation with trust and confidence – which is what divination, in all its forms, is for.”

2. The storehouse of resources: Into the Flow of Change

Flow of Change coverThis is where I am not going to say, ‘Buy Into the Flow of Change, or stay stuck!’  – as that’s not true. (You knew that.) Getting stuck and unstuck is part of life’s rhythm: with trust, the only essential one of those three helpers I mentioned, you will be called back.

Into the Flow of Change simply helps with hearing the call and letting yourself be drawn back into flow. It’s a resource kit for your relationship with guidance.

This is that storehouse of insights and practices for each stage –

from clearing the emotional space to reconnect with your deep intent and ask a clear question…

…through relating to those experiences where you say, ‘This must mean something! and if I could just find that…’

…to remembering and applying your insight at the key moment.

It offers a wealth of practical, imaginative ways to restore your deep awareness of guidance and reinvigorate the conversation, for you to try out and maybe integrate into your life.

A quick ‘hello’

Hilary BarrettI’m Hilary Barrett, and I’ve put together Into the Flow of Change as a resource for people who want to renew their connection with guidance. (More about this on the strangely aptly-named About page.) I’ve been an I Ching diviner and teacher since 2000, and the best part of that, without question, is sharing people’s deep joy as they rediscover the reality of connection and trust. Love it.


Here in Flow of Change, I’ve brought together…

  • Over 11 hours of recorded talks, with two speakers focussing on each of the three phases of opening, connecting and integrating.
  • Good quality, readable transcripts of the recordings
  • A guidebook, the Serendipity Book, fully interlinked with the transcripts so you can get an overview, and then go directly to what you’re drawn to and immerse yourself in all the linked resources.

Flow of Change contents in depth:

Overview: the Serendipity Book

Here’s its Table of Contents (condensed a bit so it’s not three miles long) so you can see how it all fits together:

  1. Opening
    Introduction: What is opening?
    Becoming present
    Clearing a space: EFT for acceptance
    Visualisation: Expanding the aura; Creating the circle
    Get listened to; Declutter
    Presence & grounding: Bodily awareness; Awareness of surroundings; Full Spectrum Listening
    Starting the conversation: Setting intention:-
    What is intention?; Intention for readings, intentions in life; Intention or question?; Finding your intention; Why this is not straightforward; Now write it down
    Learning the language
    Opening – questions: Is it time to ask any of these?
  2. Connecting
    Introduction: What is ‘connecting’?; Why is it important?; Misconception 1: objectivity; Misconception 2: instantaneity; Misconception 3: making sense
    How can you trust the message?: Being subjective is not a problem; To avoid confusion…; Testing the message; Growing confidence
    Symbolic Tracking
    Interpreting dreams: Discuss them; Ask yourself to be clearer; Talk with the dream characters; Continue in waking life; Explore the symbolism; Pay attention to the emotions
    Opening dialogue with questions
  3. Integrating
    Introduction: Why integrating isn’t easy; What happens when we don’t integrate insights… and why we’d want to
    Four steps to integrating:-
    1. Creating a reminder: Ways to remember; Everyday reminders; Community
    2. Acting as question: Questions to act with; Any willed act is a magical act’
    3. Dealing with obstacles: Acceptance (Integrating – conditions of enoughness); Release (EFT, clearing the way: 5 steps to EFT, Suggestions for using EFT with dreams and readings); Reframing (Enquiry: How to enquire); Replacing; Resolute action; Yes, but how?
    4. Staying in touch

Recorded interviews:

These are powerful conversations with a real energetic charge – because of the speakers’ wisdom, of course, but maybe even more thanks to the participants who brought their own questions, issues and just ordinary daily stuff to the calls. Hence you don’t just hear about how these things work in theory: real blocks get cleared, real problems get resolved, and it’s all firmly grounded in everyday, practical experience.

On Ravi Walsh’s Symbolic Tracking call, for instance, there’s Jenny, with her immediate money worries, unwrapping her deep intention to ‘hear the other, hear the world’, and beginning to explore how an encounter with a grasshopper might be responding to her intention and her need.

Or with Tori Janaya’s Symbolic Play, what I learned from a triangle (yes, an ordinary triangle, nothing added) about tensions and arguments at my website’s forum at the time: what I knew about it already, what I hadn’t been admitting, and even the blessing it offered me.

Or how Chris could carry the spirit of an I Ching reading about unconditional forgiveness into an emotionally intense and difficult encounter with his mother. That’s from Pamela Moss’s ‘integrating’ call, where she talks about how to create a reminder so you can carry your insight with you and apply it – at exactly the critical moment when you’re likely to be triggered, and lose it. (The answer for Chris, the way he creates his own reminder, is incredibly simple.)

Click for details of all the calls and speakers:


James Warlock, Clearing space for insight

James WarlockJames is a tarot reader and hypnotherapist with a scientist’s aversion to woolly thinking and impracticality. He talks us through psychological, meditative and magical ways of clearing space to listen in – including

  • a clearing meditation especially for people with busy, racing minds
  • what to do when you simply can’t ‘clear’ your hopes, fears and worries about a reading
  • and what all this has to do with dog-walking

Jen Louden, Opening to Questions

Jennifer LoudenJen’s a pioneer of self-care, an author, teacher and leader of beautiful retreats, who believes self-love + world-love = wholeness. She and I talk about the opening power of questions –

  • finding heart-opening questions
  • how to notice when you’re tying yourself in knots with questions – and how to untie the knots
  • the Hollow Listening Person meditation



Ravi Walsh, Symbolic Tracking – connecting to the power within

Ravindra WalshRavi is a healer and spiritual life coach, a student (for some 25 years) of Kundalini yoga and meditation, who helps people live to their own highest potential. He walked us through the elements of Symbolic Tracking, including –

  • the true nature of intention
  • the wishing tree meditation – reaching inward to discover what you want
  • how to connect with your experience as a response to your core intention

Tori Janaya, Listening to the guidance of change

Tori JanayaTori was a ‘guide for the inner journey’ – a coach and Tapas Acupressure practitioner and lifelong student of listening, who helped people to free their unique expression of the Divine. Her talk is a quiet, joyful reflection on listening, including –

  • Full Spectrum Listening
  • Experiencing connection as an inner resonance
  • Inner listening practice and Symbolic Play (which you can download for free as part of Change Questions – highly, highly recommended



Pamela Moss, keys to turn your new insight into a new life

Pamela MossPamela’s a Soul Guide and an artist, who helps people to reconnect with and act on their own intuitive wisdom. In her talk, she describes practical ways to get past those very real stumbling blocks between insight and change.

  • creating a reminder that keeps the insight present (with practical examples and a demonstration)
  • how insight becomes a real, permanent part of your life through ‘action as enquiry’
  • three ways to overcome limiting beliefs

Claire Hayes, Change through EFT

Claire P HayesEFT stands for ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’ – a weirdly simple and effective way of shifting blocks and clearing obstacles. Claire is an EFT practitioner and guide (also an experienced Shiatsu practitioner, and a dancer) with an uncanny intuitive gift. Her talk includes…

  • a simple step-by-step EFT process to clear obstacles to integrating your insight into your life
  • how to respond to readings with EFT
  • a demonstration of EFT at work (you can hear the difference it makes, quite clearly)


There’s also an improvised introductory call with James and I chatting with participants about intention, questions and how you can’t break the cosmos from our tarot- and Yijing- perspectives.

And the final round-table Q&A when all the speakers and participants join in and spark ideas off one another – very rich and fertile stuff. Some of the questions and talking points:

  • ‘How can I tell if this insight is real, or if I just made it up?’
  • Understanding your dreams
  • Magic and the two-way universe
  • ‘How to keep the connection in the midst of the daily routine?’
Meditation mp3s
Each of the calls includes practical demonstrations – some with an individual volunteer, some guided meditations and exercises. The guided sessions are perfect for use on their own, so I’ve excerpted them from the calls as individual mp3 files so you can access them more easily. They are:

  • Stirring the energy (James Warlock)
  • Hollow listening person (Jen Louden)
  • Shamballa (Ravi Walsh)
  • Tracking back to the intention (Ravi Walsh)
  • Symbolic play (Tori Janaya)

Written materials: transcripts, Serendipity Book and extras

Full transcripts of all the interviews

(Aside: these are not your normal unpunctuated, unreadable gibberish transcripts. They’re carefully edited so they read fluently, and structured with subheadings to make them easy to navigate, and links to every resource mentioned.)

The Serendipity Book

The Serendipity Book (see its Table of Contents above) draws together all the themes and threads from the interviews so you can make use of the resource – going straight to what you need in the moment, absorbing the essentials, and, when you want to go deeper, following links into the heart of the material. (The book’s woven through with links to recommended reading and listening to make this easy – and serendipitous.)


  • Opening the Space (Hilary Barrett)
  • Full Spectrum Listening (Tori Janaya)
  • Simple Divination (Hilary Barrett)
  • Secrets to grow your dreams to reality (Pamela Moss)
  • Basic EFT (Claire Hayes)
  • EFT for integration (Claire Hayes)

and not least

  • Getting Started – which introduces and describes everything you download and suggests where to get started (funnily enough). In fact, why don’t you download the Getting Started pdf now? (That’s a direct link – just right-click and save.) That gives you a complete list of everything included in Into the Flow of Change.

A resource kit, not a system

If you want a system to follow, or a method, or even a course, please don’t buy Into the Flow of Change: it’s not any of those things. This is a resource kit, and because it’s so diverse, it lets you tap into the immense depth and range of your own inner reservoir, freeing up the flow of your whole self. There’s no mould here to squeeze yourself into; it’s an open resource you draw on to apply to your own chosen purpose in the moment.

In brief…

Flow of Change includes –

  • 8 recorded calls
  • full call transcripts (formatted for fluent reading)
  • excerpted meditation mp3s
  • The Serendipity Book
  • and half-a-dozen extra ebooklets – Full Spectrum Listening, EFT for Integration, Simple Divination and more

It’s all available for immediate download, at a cost of £30 (about $49).

Unconditional ‘No More Shelf Help’ guarantee

It’s as simple as this: I want the resources in Flow of Change to be something you use. It’s here to help you to reconnect to your own guidance and energise, deepen and clarify your relationship with spirit. If that’s not your experience, please let me know, because I’d want to refund your money.

(Can you think of a good reason to put a time limit on this? No, nor can I. No time limit, then.)

So if you feel yourself drawn to Into the Flow of Change – if this is something you’d like to explore more deeply – please click below:

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