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About Hilary

Hilary Barrett

I’m Hilary Barrett, creator and editor of Into the Flow of Change and author of the Serendipity Book that draws it all together. Mostly, though, I’m a Yijing (I Ching) diviner and teacher – you’ll find my work at Clarity and in my book, I Ching: walking your path, creating your future. But as well as being endlessly fascinated by a very strange, very old Chinese book…

Here’s what I’m learning

(…largely thanks to that very strange old book…)

I believe that our natural state is one of complete immersion in the flow of change.
So what does that even mean, anyway?
Well… I’m still working on articulating that. But I think there are two aspects to it:

1. We’re home

We’re part of this world. There is no bubble of separation – there’s no such thing as ‘humanity’ versus ‘nature’ – and no island of stasis in the flow of change. We belong right where we are; we’re at home (‘no less than the trees and the stars…’).

2. Life is meaningful

Our experience is significant. Describing what happens and how it happens is not complete: there is also why it happens, and that is just as real. We each have an unfolding story, which is coherent and whole, and part of the evolutionary journey of the changing cosmos.

And in practice…

That means that in our daily experience, we can always feel and know connection – to our home, and to meaning. The world is made of synchronicity: this we can trust.

And so the connection naturally crystallises into conversation. We can expect that the animals we meet or the situations where we find ourselves or the dreams we have or the hexagram we cast are talking with us.

We respond by how we change and what we do – and so we enter into a lifelong conversation with the whole of reality.

That’s what I mean by being in the flow of change.

The cosmos communicates untiringly, in many voices. The one I love most is the Yijing, the ancient Chinese Book of Change, for its poetry, its complexity, its wholeness, and not least for its direct, compassionate, fluff-free character. But Into the Flow of Change is about the conversation itself: reinvigorating your connection with the whole, whatever its language or voice.

Let’s dive in and swim…