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Change Questions

Change Questions cover

Unblocking the flow of communication with spirit –

– opening the way for change

– through tiny, simple questions.

(80 minutes of audio + transcripts with a pdf guide.)

Do you want to live in conversation with guidance…

…and does communication sometimes break down?

The reading you’re not quite sure about, the resonant dream you can’t quite understand, the visiting animal, bird or insect that you sense carries a message for you… if only you could put the pieces together. Or sometimes the reading, dream or sign that’s completely clear, a shining revelation – and yet somehow a year later, you still seem to be in the same place, and how did that happen?

It’s not that the cosmos isn’t willing to communicate with you, goodness knows; there’s a great shining deep flow of change ready for you to dive in and swim like a dolphin.

How to reach it?

Small, simple ways are best – like this one, for instance:


Questions nudge and shift, they spark off movement and change; they’re little levers that can move stonking great blocks. This is equally true in every part of the relationship: inviting guidance, actively engaging and connecting with it, finding ways to use it.

So here – just the other side of the sign-up form – are Change Questions: a selection box of ways to tap deep into the flow of change through questions. Download, pick what you need now, and use it.

Change Questions consists of selected excerpts from Into the Flow of Change: some 80 minutes of recorded interviews with their transcripts, plus the Serendipity Booklet, a guide for quick, easy access to it all.

You’ll hear from…

  • James Warlock, a peculiarly down-to-earth and practical tarot reader.
  • The playful wisdom of Tori Janaya, a guide for the inner journey.
  • Jennifer Louden, a guide to savouring and serving life, explorer of questions.
  • The live wire that is Ravindra Walsh, healer and spiritual life coach
  • Pamela Moss, a Soul Guide – direct, challenging and compassionate.
  • And me – Hilary Barrett – as interviewer (chief asker-of-questions!) on the call excerpts, and author of the ‘Serendipity Booklet’ that acts as a springboard into them all.


  • approaching an oracle with sincere intent (and why questions are important)
  • heart-opening questions you can use
  • Guided Symbolic Play – a way to access wisdom through the simplest symbols imaginable
  • the workings of intention: exactly how your life really is ‘happening for you’ (with an example of Symbolic Tracking)
  • using ‘Really Obvious Questions’ to connect with the inner nature of a symbol or image
  • how to ‘act as a question’ in response to a reading or sign – with specific questions to ask
Change Questions cover

Download ‘Change Questions’


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‘Change Questions’ experiences, thoughts and questions:

4 Responses to Change Questions

  1. soma says:

    Hi Hilary, thanks for this resource! I’ll have more time to get stuck in in January, but was thinking about the original questions bit – that piece struck a chord with me, because thats crucial in any self-quest isn’t it: what do I want? I am trying to ask myself that every morning, instead of the detached knee-jerk – what do I have to do today? Maybe a better question would be – what do I have to do in order to do what I want?

    LatelyI feel particularly lethargic and unmotivated, and the first question often is, do I have to get up today? Frequently these days the answer is ‘no’ and I first give myself permission to do nothing, the beat myself up about it.
    Its interesting for me to notice what actually invites me to leave my bed and be excited about what I am about to do, rather than do it because I have to do it. So I also ask myself, how can I do more of what actually excites me rather than just continue monotonously on survival mode?

    I want to keep honing the question – what is really important to me? the answer keeps changing and thats how it flows I guess.

    • Hilary says:

      Hi Soma! I’m sorry it took so long for your comment to appear. New website glitches.

      I got a lot from Jen’s suggestions for asking ‘What do I want?’ – I seem to be extraordinarily good at covering that over with ‘have to’, ‘can’t have anyway’ and what she would call ‘shadow comforts’, aka the things I grab for instead of taking long enough to discover what I want.

      Come to think of it, knowing what you want is not a million miles from knowing your intention, which is the beginning of Symbolic Tracking, understanding how your environment is answering you – see Ravi’s call…

  2. Emanuele says:

    Hi Hilary, thank you very much from me too.
    I haven’t finished reading the main pdf yet, but after the introductory chapter I jumped directly to the “Integrating” section, because it seemed to me that’s the area where I fail most disastrously. Then I finally read, and also listened to, the conversation with Jen Louden, and I found it so strangely elusive, although the concepts she expounds don’t seem to be particularly hard to grasp… what does it mean, maybe there’s something here that’s more important than I thought, and also, maybe my failures in integrating actually depend on something going wrong in some preceding phase(s) of the process, and maybe it’s something I’m not even aware of!

    Anyway, as a matter of fact I keep asking myself the same question as soon as I wake up every morning: “What time is it?”
    Which reveals that I usually keep the alarm switched off, but apart from that it’s clearly belonging in the usual “what do I have to do” kind of questions.

    Sometimes, though, I wake up from some particularly interesting dream, and then my very first inner questions are all aiming to keep the memory of the dream as vivid and complete as possible, and of course I also wonder what it means, and when this happens the rest of the day feels very different than ordinary ones: more colourful, intense, somewhat mysteriously meaningful…

    • Hilary says:

      Ah yes – dreams – excellent source of different questions! And fascinating how they can change your waking awareness.

      Yes, I would also say I have the most difficulty with the ‘integrating’ stage: understanding a reading (or a dream) is one thing, letting it give rise to change is something else altogether. And then you find Jen’s call a challenge… hm… you know, there is not much of a gap between opening and integrating. Both seem to have a lot to do with questions!

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